Baptism is one of two ordinances the Lord commanded us to do. The other is the Lord’s Table. 

Water baptism is a public statement of your confession and repentance from sin.

Water baptism relates to a believer’s identification with Christ and is an expression of faith in what God did when you were united with Christ at Salvation.  

Water baptism is a public commitment to leave your old life behind and to live your life for God. 

We typically have two baptism services per year.


Membership at Solid Rock Bible Church is an opportunity to be more connected to our church family. The church is the Bride of Christ and we are to be “in Christ”, therefore it makes sense that we be “in church”.

Membership classes are held twice a year (spring and fall).

In this three hour class, topics discussed:
• Our Constitution and Statement of Faith
• What is Solid Rock?
• What is Salvation?
• Church Purpose Statement
• Our Ministries at Solid Rock Bible Church